Professional training on WeChat and Chinese Digital Eco-system

The professional training sessions and workshops we offer are built according to your challenges and needs.

The goal is to help your teams understand the digital eco-system in China, the importance and functioning of the various social platforms, the mindset of Chinese consumers and how to use WeChat concretely, in order to leverage its full potential.

From acculturation talks to collaborative workshops, we offer sessions adapted to the different decision-making levels of the company.

Session 1 : Introduction to Chinese Digital Ecosystem

This session is dedicated to teams aiming to understand the cultural specificities and digital usages in China, in order to address the Chinese customer and traveler:

  • Specificities of the Chinese digital ecosystem
  • Impacts of Digital on Chinese society and customer behavior
  • Chinese cultural specificities and impact on digital usages
  • How Alibaba and Tencent / WeChat have transformed the daily life of Chinese people and eliminated the boundaries between offline & online
  • Use cases in the luxury field
Interface WeChat

Session 2 : WeChat training

This session is for teams who want to understand how to use WeChat and implement concrete operations : branding, acquisition, awareness, customer experience, e-commerce, livestreaming, CRM …

  • Key features of WeChat (Moments, Channel, WeChat Pay, E-Commerce, Wallet, etc.)
  • The different WeChat accounts (Subscription Account, Service Account) and how to use them
  • H5, Mini Programs, Livestreaming
  • Develop visibility and traffic on WeChat (Qr Code, Sharing, WeChat Ads, Groups, on and offline operations, Live Streaming etc …)
  • Benchmark and Best Practices (Campaigns and Activations, Mini Programs …)

We recommend that participants should have WeChat on their smartphones to participate effectively in this workshop.
If necessary, our teams can support participants in the creation and validation of their personal WeChat account.

Luxe chine

Session 3 : WeChat and Luxury

This session is dedicated to luxury brands aiming to enhance their impact in China and / or engage Chinese travelers outside of China both from a strategic and operational point of view:

  • Why WeChat and Omnichannel approach are essential to engage the Chinese customer and traveler
  • Usage and omnichannel customer journeys
  • The specific needs of Chinese consumers in their relationship with a luxury brand : from a brand-centric approach to a customer-centric approach
  • Review of tools and contact points to engage the Chinese audience:

WeChat, H5 and Mini Program account, 1to1 conversation tools, retail interaction etc …

  • CRM
  • Offline and O2O activations
  • KOLs
  • Chinese social media (Xiao Hong Shu & Douyin)
  • E-commerce

We illustrate and analyze these various elements according to the type of product / field of our clients. We take into account their specificities, challenges and objectives in order to help participants project themselves on concrete applications of the training.