WeChat expertise

Interface WeChat

Creation et management of WeChat accounts :

Wechat is the most popular application in the Chinese digital ecosystem. It has more than 1.24 billion active users per month.

Your account (Menu and Posts) reflects your image and the different activations you want to implement for your Chinese audience.

It should offer useful, inspiring and engaging content, but also, services, features and various activations that will develop and maintain the attention of your followers.

We manage the various stages of the process : registration and certification of your account with Tencent, defintion and creation of menu,  posts, content and campaigns to develop your audience.

Branding: Content is King in China

More than a third of the interactions between a follower and a WeChat account are linked to the search for information on the brand and the products offered, news, marketing operations etc.
Chinese consumers are very committed to understanding a brand and what it is capable of bringing to them in their experimentation or consumption of Luxury. They will check if the brand’s values are aligned with theirs, if it will allow them to differentiate themselves, if it understands the market, Chinese culture and their personal concerns.

The expertise of our bi-cultural team, based in France and China, allows us to meet the key needs of the audience while ensuring the consistency of your brand DNA through the campaigns and activations implemented.

Mini programmes WeChat

H5 & Mini Programs: the interaction at the heart of the relationship with your followers

With more than 400 million daily users, they are an integral part of a WeChat strategy and provide the level of interaction necessary to develop the relationship with your audience who expects an ever-higher level of fun, service and convenience.
Gaming, e-commerce, membership and incentive, advice and 1to1 conversation with your sales teams, features that facilitate the purchasing process, we deploy the activations adapted to your brand to engage this ultra-demanding clientele.