KOLs strategy

The Kols (Key Opinion Leader) are now a must in a marketing strategy targeting the Chinese audience. KOLs give their point of view, share their experience, recommend products to their community. It’s a real endorsement for your brand and a way to increase awareness, trust with targeted customers and sales.

Another type of influencer to consider : the KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers). Although considered as micro-influencers, they are less expensive and reach a more specific and consistant community.


Whatever Celebrities, Top KOLs, KOCs, it’s essential to create relevant campaign with the right influencers to increase your impact in China, but it’s crucial to define your goals and the accurated action plan according to your stakes.

Our team will help you to define the right strategy, find the most suitable KOL profile and management the operations in order to deliver the best quality campaign being able to develop your brand’s visibility and sales.