We are a solutions hub
between Europe and China

China, highly strategic market for the luxury sector, is evolving at full speed. Immersed and directly plugged to this unique digital landscape, The V factory a decoder and a hub of solutions to reach Chinese market.

Digital marketing agency specializing in China made up of WeChat experts, Chinese social media and social commerce, committed and demanding, we define and implement at your side, the strategy and actions to engage the Chinese consumer and traveler on a long-term basis. 


Professional training wechat

Professional training on WeChat and the Chinese digital ecosystem

From plenary sessions to workshops, face-to-face or remote, various formats to understand and exploit the potential of WeChat and digital in China.


Rich and pragmatic, our training sessions allow teams to plan for concrete actions able to engage Chinese consumers and ease dialogue with local Chinese teams.

wechat expertise agency

WeChat expertise

With 1.2 Billion users, WeChat is part of  Chinese’s everyday life, it is the essential tool for engaging this strategic audience, and more specifically in the luxury sector.


We analyze and implement the various acquisition and engagement levers: Branding, storytelling, gaming, e-commerce, Membership & CRM, 1to1 interactions with your in-store teams, etc.


WeChat is the key tool for developing engagement with your customers in an extremely competitive environment.

social media china

Chinese social media and branding

In China, 6 to 9 on & off line contact points will be consulted before making a purchase.


If WeChat remains number 1 today, it is also necessary to be present on other social media such as Weibo, RED, Douyin etc … which will be consulted by your customers to assess the level of awareness of your brand, the quality of the content, recommendations from users or KOLS.


Our role is to determine the most relevant platforms and points of contact, deploy specific content and actions to generate engagement and sales.

KOL strategy

Kols (Key Leader Opinion) are now imperative in a marketing strategy targeting the Chinese audience. We define the strategy, the appropriate profiles and establish a close collaboration with the KOLs in order to build the campaigns that perfectly match your brand.


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